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Different Types of Microscopes - TOPROVIEW'S BLOG


Latest company news about Different Types of Microscopes - TOPROVIEW'S BLOG

Whenever we think of a microscope, what usually comes into minds is a compound microscope, since this is what we experimented with during science class, and what we often see on television as well.

But, there are actually several kinds of microscopes, and each of them functions somewhat differently and serve a variety of purposes. Here is a comprehensive guide on the different types of microscopes and what each one can be used for:

Types Of Microscopes Today
Advancements in technology have since paved the way for more modern and complex microscopes that are widely used in science classes, research studies, and more. In fact, many of these modern microscopes do not even rely on light, such as electron microscopes and scanning probe microscopes.


Here, we have three main types of microscopy, namely, light, digital, and electron microscopy. You will find various types of microscopes under each category, as well as a run down of other types of microscopes that operate on a different method.

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